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Global Presence

Clp Petrochemicals is engaged in the international trade , markets development and marketing for several petroleum refineries and petrochemicals complex based on direct relations ,against long turn offtake agreements, responsible for marketing and logistics For plastic resins (PP, LDPE,HDPE) , various solvents and paraffin wax.
Among others , clp petrochemicals is acting as the Latin America & Africa export company for the Israeli refinery BAZAN group companies, Carmel olefins (PP,LDPE) and the solvents refinery Gadiv.
Being Israel part of the Mercosur agreement, all Bazan refinery group products are exempted from import duty tax (0%).

Arbitrage opportunities are identified via assemblage of market information, and hedging tools are used to diminish price exposure and offer customers fixedprice contracts. The streamlined integration with Ravago’s distribution operations and supply chain network assures cost and service optimization. 



The Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR for its Spanish initials) is a regional integration process, initially established by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, and subsequently joined by Venezuela and Bolivia* -the latter still complying with the accession procedure.

Its official working languages are Spanish and Portuguese. The working documents’ official version will be that of the host country language of each meeting. As of 2006, through the Decision CMC No. 35/06, Guarani was incorporated as one of the languages of the Bloc.

MERCOSUR is an open and dynamic process. Since its creation, its main objective has been to promote a common space that generates business and investment opportunities through the competitive integration of national economies into the international market. As a result, it has established multiple agreements with countries or groups of countries, granting them, in some cases, the status of Associated States – this being the situation of the South American countries. These participate in activities and meetings of the Bloc and have trade preferences with the States Parties. MERCOSUR has also signed commercial, political or cooperation agreements with a diverse number of nations and organizations on all five continents.