CLP Petrochemicals  S.A

Clp petrochemicals s.a (Switzerland) established in 1996 as the petrochemicals company part of the
chemlube international inc.(USA) group.  Company headquarters located in Fribourg (Switzerland)
Netanya (Israel) other offices in the group were subsequently in Hong Kong, Casablanca (Morocco),
Salvador, Sao Paulo (Brazil) Buenos Aires (Argentina).
The company core activity is to develop markets for refineries following marketing and ongoing
export activity managing, main markets activity are in the usa ,Latin America, far east and west Africa.


Clp Petrochemicals is engaged in the international trade,
markets development and marketing for several petroleum refineries
and petrochemicals complex based on direct relations ,against long turn
offtake agreements, responsible for marketing and logistics For plastic resins
(PP, LDPE,HDPE) , various solvents and paraffin wax.  
Among others , clp petrochemicals is acting as the Latin America & Africa
export company for the Israeli refinery BAZAN group companies, Carmel
olefins (PP,LDPE) and the solvents refinery Gadiv.  
Being Israel part of the Mercosur agreement, all Bazan refinery group
products are exempted from import duty tax (0%).


Mercosur's purpose is to promote free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency. It currently confines itself to a customs union, in which there is free intra-zone trade and a common trade policy between member countries. The official languages are Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani.[10] Since its foundation, Mercosur's functions have been updated, amended, and changed many times: it is now a full customs union and a trading bloc.

Our Products


- Polypropylene
- Homopolymer
- Copolymer
- Random copolymer
- Low density polyethylene
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- Heptane
- Hexane
- Toluene
- Xylene
- Orthoxylene
- Paraxylene
- Benzene
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Agrochemical &
Pesticide industry feedstock

- Solgad 100- (light solvent naphthalene)
- Solgad 150-(medium solvent naphthalene)
- solgad 150 ULN ( with naphthalene content less than 0.1%) smell free!
- Solgad 200ND(heavy solvent naphtha)- with naphthalene content less than 0.9% as per spec, but typically less than 0.1%. smell free!
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Phthalic Andrade
Paraffin wax

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Company Value Added

Rather than simply buying and selling, the company has increasingly sought to add
value to the goods and the refineries and petrochemicals producers via market
develop, packaging marketing and distribution to end-users.
This is accomplished through the application of technical and market expertise
together with strategic plan, bagging operations near the sources of the plastic
producers, and warehousing at load ports and at distrbution centers in several
market areas.
Clp petrochemicals endeavors to take a “hands-on” approach with on–site clp
petrochemicals personnel helping to control quality scheduling and overall
Reliability for All Concerned.

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